Soccer in the Streets – Join or Donate!

Adams Realtors is Honored to be a New Sponsor of Soccer in the Streets!
We will be the eighth team for the Nations Cup – Argentina!
The tournament will take place on Sunday, April 28th, 10 AM – 3 PM. All teams are guaranteed three, 25-minute games (plus a final or third-place game for teams that make it!) […]

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What Risks Are Coming for Commercial Investment Real Estate in 2017?


The upward momentum that commercial real estate prices and values have been experiencing has recently slowed relative to their appreciation trajectory since their amazing recovery starting two years after the credit crisis. Given the challenges in today’s world and the many dynamics affecting commercial real estate, the economy, and the financial markets, it is […]

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Still Waiting on the Tipping Point for MARTA

“Transit oriented development.”
“Atlanta as the new walkable/lifestyle/no automobile city.”
These are popular terms and concepts in the real estate world. Atlanta real estate professionals use them to show we are becoming a city more like New York, Boston and San Francisco. The only thing that is vexing about this: When is that going to show […]

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Sky-High Prices? Investors Don’t Seem to Mind.

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Economy Watch: Construction Spending, Home-Price Increases

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Economy Watch: Black Friday Sales, GSEs’ Serious Deliquencies

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Four Predictions for the Commercial Market

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Apartment Boom Riding Two-Decade High

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Economy Watch: Housing Starts; Economic Activity

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What’s the Latest on the Economy

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